In the World of Custom Wire Forming, Features Matter!

Customization in the wire-forming world matters!  For example, a part for the gear shift on a lawnmower might require two drilled holes and 3 bends while a gear shift for a semi-truck requires 4 drilled holes and 2 flats.  Not all parts are the same even though they have a similar function.  So functionality requires […]

Wire Forming | How technology has reshaped the wire forming industry

Wire forming has provided companies the ability to provide their customers with customizable, light weight, and durable products. As a wire forming company, we have learned that our consumers are demanding products that are high-quality, durable, affordable, and they don’t want to wait long for it.  So we depend on improvements in technology to accomplish […]

3 Benefits of Wire Forming

You probably played with pipe cleaners as a kid.  You would bend the colorful pipe cleaners into any creative shape your mind could come up with.  Wire Forming (or wire bending) is like bending those little pipe cleaners but instead of using your hands and pipe cleaners, massive spools of metal and a variety of […]