Benefits of Wire Forming

As a child, we are sure you have played with pipe cleaners. Not only are the colors of the pipe cleaners interesting, but also their ability to be bent to any shape or form is solely based on your creativity. Wire forming, also known as wire bending, is the exact same way! Instead of using your hands, wire forming are metals, dispensed from massive spools, and bent using computerized machines! As fun as they are to be bent into any shape or form, there are benefits for wire forming. Let’s learn them:

  • Customizable – Useful for parts in industries such as automotive, industrial, medical, outdoor power, or office furniture. Wire forming is the most important for its ability to be customizable to fit all needs in various fields.
  • Lightweight – Wire forming provides the ability to create an office chair that weighs only thirteen pounds! This allows these chairs to be easily stackable, transportable, and accessible. Without it, simple office chairs could weigh up to 100 pounds and their inconvenience would cause nothing but a headache…and a backache!
  • Durable – A lightweight product that is not durable would be useless. For example, if a lawn mower’s lever snaps when customers try to use it, it would be a nightmare to handle the multiple complaints for it, as well as do a recall for them. You could lose future business, and repeat customers, and could even suffer a bad reputation simply because the lever on the lawn mower was not well made. Durability is one of the most important attributes in wire forming.

Providing your customers with products that are usable and built to last is important to maintain your company’s reputation and increase profits. Make sure you ask the right questions when searching for a wire-forming company so you don’t end up with a “cheap” product that could end up costing your business money. Have more questions? Call Wiretech Fabricators, INC. at (920) 743-7201.