3 Benefits of Wire Forming

You probably played with pipe cleaners as a kid.  You would bend the colorful pipe cleaners into any creative shape your mind could come up with.  Wire Forming (or wire bending) is like bending those little pipe cleaners but instead of using your hands and pipe cleaners, massive spools of metal and a variety of large computerized machines are used!  Check out these 3 benefits of wire forming:

  1. Customizable – Wire forming is used to create products or parts for many industries like Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Outdoor Power, or Office Furniture so the ability for customization is important.  
  2. Lightweight – Could you imagine if one of those plastic chairs you have probably seen in schools or waiting rooms weighed 50 to 100 pounds each?! Trying to more around the chairs to meet different needs would be a real pain in the neck AND back!  Wire forming provides the ability to create an office chair around 13lbs so they can be stacked and easily moved from room to room.  If you are in the process of developing a product, you most likely want to use lightweight parts.
  3. Durability – This is the most important benefit.  You might have a light weight product but if it is not durable, it is virtually useless.  Imagine designing a lever for a lawn mower and it snaps off when your customers go to use it, you would have a nightmare of recalls!  It would cost your company money having to pay to notify your customers of the recall, purchasing replacement parts, helping customers install the replacement part, and the potential loss of repeat business.  

Providing your customers with products that are usable and built to last is important to maintain your companies reputation and to increase profits. Make sure you ask the right questions when searching for a wire forming company so you don’t end up with a “cheap” product that could end up costing your business money.

WireTech Tip!

We mentioned costs in this blog so we thought we would give you a tip to help keep the manufacturing costs down of your product or part.  Search for a wire forming company that has the ability to purchase supplies locally.  This helps keep costs affordable and to lower production times.