In the World of Custom Wire Forming, Features Matter!

Customization in the wire-forming world matters!  For example, a part for the gear shift on a lawnmower might require two drilled holes and 3 bends while a gear shift for a semi-truck requires 4 drilled holes and 2 flats.  Not all parts are the same even though they have a similar function.  So functionality requires customization so that all parts come together to create a whole product like a lawnmower, truck, or even a chair.

Common Wire Forming Features

WireTech offers several different options for custom wire forms including:

Most engineers or buyers in the manufacturing industry understand the differences between the different customization options.  The most well-known customization option for non-engineers or buyers would be “threads” which is the spiraling groves you would see around a common household screw.  For images showing what these features look like and for additional specs on them, visit the “Features” page on the WireTech Fabricators website.